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109 NOK (fixed price) between 17-24 within the jip-zone

If you’re riding outside the zone, or at other times, jip works just as any other taxi. Just a little bit cheaper. 10% to be exact. Se more information about pricing here

Where can I jip?

How do I change my account info in the app?

Log in and click the menu in the top left corner. Then click on your name at the bottom of the menu to enter your profile. Click “Change profile”. Now you can edit your name, phone number and password. If you’re using jip via your Facebook or Google account, you have no password. And what you don’t have, you can’t change. Obviously.

How do I make a complaint about a trip?

Send us an email and we’ll try to solve the problem in the best possible way.

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Gothenburg -
Oslo -
Trondheim -

Why should I rate my jip ride?

Only the best drivers work with us. But we also believe that when you focus on the good, the good gets better.

Only you can help us understand how we can improve the jip experience. Either, it’s about the order, or about quality and service. The drivers only have access to their own rating average.

Can I pre-order a jip?

No. Live in the now. Carpe jipem.

Do I have to register my bank card to order a jip?

Yes. Correctamundo.

Can I cancel my trip?

Yep, you can cancel until your car is on its way (when it’s no longer possible to cancel in the app, the button disappears). Go to the active order, scroll down and click “cancel trip”.

How do I know where my jip is?

The car number can be seen in the app and on the roof of the car. The app also shows the location of the jip you’ve ordered. We announce when the car is on it’s way and when it arrives.

How many people can you fit in a jip?

You, plus three of your best friends. So, 4.

How does jip work?

1.    Download the app. No biggie.

2.    Create a profile. All you need is a debit card and an email address. Or a Facebook- or Google account, works even faster. Easy huh?

3.    Book a jip. Just follow the app instructions. Your order will be matched with a jip driver.

4.    Get in! PING! You’ll get a notification when your ride is on its way, and when it arrives. You can follow it directly on the map, all the way (Following that little car on the screen might become addictive. If you ask us anyways.)

5.    Get out! And, we’re here! The payment will automatically be drawn from your registered card, and the receipt sent to your email. Can’t wait to have you ride with us again soon.

Can I order a jip without the app?

App app app. No, you can’t. Only in the app. Phone? Nope. Fax doesn’t work, neither. App, only in the app.

I left my favorite Fannypack in the car. What do I  do?

Oh no, what a bummer. It may happen to all of us. Our drivers are used to this and always drop off whatever they find in their cars at the Police “lost and found”. Drop them a visit, and they will help you. It’ll be alright you’ll see.