The night is lit, grab a jip.

The best nights all lead to a jiping point.

Live now. Worry later. Grab a jip.


Smooth, smart, super nice taxi.

jip is the starting point to all things fun. Heading to a party, going on a (hopefully) romantic date or simply paying gran a visit – jip makes it easy.

How does jip work?

1. Download the app.

No biggie.
How does jip work?

2. Create a profile.

All you need is a debit card and an email address. Or a Facebook- or Google account, works even faster. Easy huh?
How does jip work?

3. Book a jip.

Just follow the app instructions. Your order will be matched with a jip driver.
How does jip work?

4. Get in!

PING! You’ll get a notification when your ride is on its way, and when it arrives. You can follow it directly on the map, all the way (Following that little car on the screen might become addictive. If you ask us anyways.)
How does jip work?

5. Get out!

And, we’re here! The payment will automatically be deducted from your registered card, and the receipt sent to your email. Can’t wait to have you ride with us again soon.

Where to jip


109 NOK (fixed price) between 17-24, within the jip-zone (see map).

If you’re riding outside the zone, or at other times, jip works just as any other taxi. Just a little bit cheaper.

The price outside happy hour and outside the jip zone is calculated on the basis of normal fare, based on kilometers and estimated time. The fixed price presented in the app is always final, and always 10% cheaper than the usual rates at www.norgestaxi.no/bergen

We compensate for our carbon, naturally.

We believe most people, like us, care about the climate and a sustainable future. Well, since cars aren’t that good for the climate, we compensate 110% for jip’s climatic influence through Tricorona Climate Partner. It’s not a hippie thing, it’s a jippie thing.

We compensate for our carbon, naturally.

Still not clear? Check out our FAQ and get answers to everything you’ve always wanted to know about jip.